Farmers Market

Well, the 2015 Farmers Market season has come to an end. October 3 was the last market for this year. Each summer goes by quickly, beginning the May long weekend and running 22 Saturdays until the end. For Bean There Roasting, the Farmers Market provides me the perfect opportunity to speak with customers about coffee. And I’ve had some great discussions.

Being face to face with customers, and new potential customers is, for me, the single best way to get people to understand coffee a little better. Why fresh roasted is so important. Why it’s best to grind your beans as you use them. (Although I’ll always grind it for you if you’d like.) And lately, the two most common conversations, Keurigs (it’s a short discussion) and “is it true that dark roast coffee has less caffeine?”

Most important for me is finding a coffee (or coffees) that my customers will enjoy. You say you’ve tried coffee from Sumatra and you didn’t enjoy it. Great. I don’t really either, so let me offer you an alternative. Something from Tanzania or Ethiopia maybe. What!? They grow coffee in Africa?! Yes they do, and they are spectacular and unique, and did I mention my favorites? Especially the coffees from Ethiopia. Well great, what else do you have from Africa then? Well, coffees from Kenya are quite distinctive, dark, very dark berry toned coffees. And I currently have a limited supply coffee from Rwanda. They’re hard to get sometimes. So I stocked up a bit because it’s a wonderful coffee that I think you’d enjoy.

And the best part of the Farmers Market season is that I offer a 4 oz bag for you to purchase so you can try a new coffee without worrying about a whole pound you might not enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy something, come back and see me and I’ll try to find something more to your liking: Bali, Timor, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica. Enjoy coffees of the world right here in Medicine Hat.

So that’s it. Another Farmers Market season goes by. Customers have come and gone, and hopefully some new regulars will be found. And as I remind people, the Market season is my “summer store front” but when it’s over, you can still enjoy fresh roasted coffee year round. I’m just a phone call away. Now, hard as it seems, time to start planning for the Christmas Market season. But that’s a whole other post.

One thought on “Farmers Market

  1. cammiekannekens October 8, 2015 / 4:26 am

    As much as I also love Farmers Market season (and will miss the baby carrots), it will be nice to spend more Saturday mornings with you.


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