Christmas Market offerings.

Well, it’s that time of year. Even though Halloween isn’t done yet, it’s beginning to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas. So, in preparation for that, this post will be reposted multiple times. It will be a list of coffees available for people to buy during this wonderful time of year. Most are part of my regular offerings. One item available every year for Christmas is the 2 oz stocking stuffer. Available in all regular coffees the 2 oz bags are perfect for the coffee lover who wants to enjoy a different coffee each time. They are $3 each or 5 for $12, and you can pick them up at either of the two Christmas Markets that I will be at. So, without further delay, here is all the information you need to make a decision about what coffees to get for that special someone.

The Markets I’ll be at are:

November 6,7 at the Cypress Center. Friday the 6th from 12-8, and Saturday the 7th from 9am – 5 pm.

Thursday Dec. 3 at the Olde Tyme Christmas Market from 4 – 9 in the Auditorium of the Cypress Center. This is held by the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede and has become an annual event. The Olde Tyme Market brings all your favorite Farmers Market vendors back for one last chance to treat that special someone to a unique local product. Of course it’s December so there won’t be any produce.

Below is a list of our coffees for the Christmas Season.

Each of these is $8 for a half pound, and $15 for a pound.

Colombia Santander Rainforest Alliance,

Guatemala Huehuetenango Rainforest Alliance,

Bali Blue Moon Organic Rainforest Alliance.

Brazil Organic

Papua New Guinea Organic

Rwanda Dukunde Fair Trade Organic

Timor Fair Trade Organic

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Tanzania Peaberry

Colombia Centauros

Honduras Swiss Water Organic Decaf

Bean There Dark Side Blend

Bean There Espresso Blend

Each of these is $8.50 a half pound and $16 a pound

Costa Rica Tarrazu Rainforest Alliance

Kenya Peaberry

Mexico Swiss Water Organic Decaf

Along with our Dark Side and Espresso Blends, any of our coffees can be dark roasted if you prefer, and of course if you need it ground we can do that too.

Below are a list of some premium coffees that are available for the Christmas season for that extra special coffee drinker on your list. Each of these is best enjoyed as a medium roast. And they are all a limited supply coffee.

Yemen Mokka    1 lb  $20   1/2 lb  $10  4 oz  $5

Maui Mokka       1 lb  $35    1/2 lb  $17.50   4 oz  $9

Colombia Geisha   1 lb  $25   1/2 lb  $13   4 oz  $7

Jamaica High Mountain   1 lb  $35   1/2 lb  $18   4 oz  $9

As well, for the first time ever, I’m working with the Exhibition (for the November Market) and going to be able to serve cappucinos, lattes, and shots of espresso, as well as a wonderful afternoon treat called affogato, which a a shot of espresso over vanilla ice cream. Of course, you could have it anytime, but availability will be very limited as we are trying this out for the first time. (the affogato that is. I should have the beverages available the whole weekend.)

And, finally, I will have available raw, unroasted cacao beans. These will be available in 1 lb bags for $10. This is an unbelievable product. The aroma itself is incredible. And while it does take some loving work to get it ready, you won’t be disappointed in the result. I’ve roasted some here at home to try, and the flavor is amazing. Whatever you thought cocoa tasted like, this will totally change your perspective. It’s a product of Colombia (I’m not kidding) and has been brought in by my coffee importer Carlos at Single Origin Coffee in Calgary. Like coffee, it’s another one of those products you can’t grow in Canada. And it’s taken Carlos 3 years to get this product to market, so that’s a good indicator of it’s quality.

So there you have it. An exciting Christmas season approaches. Coffee, cacao, and coffee to drink while walking around the market. It just doesn’t get any better. So be sure to mark your calendars for November 6 and 7 in the Cypress Center and come see some amazing homemade Christmas gifts just waiting for you to discover.

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