Special Season Special Coffee

With Christmas fast approaching, Bean There Roasting is happy to offer some unique and special coffees for this time of year. These are over and above my regular coffees that I carry year round. Below is an updated list of special coffees available for the Christmas Season.

The newest additions. No pricing yet as I don’t have all the numbers crunched for these.

Colombia Finca Manatiales del Frontino Red Bourbon. This is a micro lot coffee, so limited availability.

Galapagos Island – also a limited availability coffee.

A few of my more regular offerings. Prices are updated since my last post.

Yemen Mocha Ismaili  4 oz $5.50    8 oz $10.50    1 lb  $20.00

Maui  Mokka   4 oz  $9.50   8 oz  $18.00    1 lb  $35.00

Jamaica High Mountain    4 oz  $9.50    8 oz  $18.00    1 lb  $35.00

Colombia Geisha    4 oz  $7.00    8 oz   $13.00    1 lb   $25.00

So if your looking for something special as a coffee gift for that discerning coffee drinker, I’d be happy to help you out. Remember, the first Christmas Market I’ll be at is November 6,7 in the Cypress Center. Friday 12-8 and Saturday 9-4. Hope to see you there.

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