Time Sure Flies

Who would have thought it would take 5 months to publish another blog post. It really shouldn’t be this hard. So it’s time to send one out.

One of the great things about the world of coffee is that there is always something new to try. My most recent pick up of green coffee from Calgary was around 1400 lbs. Pretty much filled the back of my father in law’s Escalade,  which I don’t really enjoy driving, but it’s a nice ride when picking up my goods. You can see the picture below.


Included in this order were some new coffees for me to offer. One of the new ones is from Bali. (pictured above) And although it’s not really new, it’s a new offering. This one is again a Rainforest Alliance Organic coffee, however, it’s also a natural process coffee (my previous Bali was a washed coffee.)  This means it has a much lighter, sweeter, and definitely fruitier profile than the old one. There are hints of the earthiness that people liked in the previous coffee, but they are certainly muted by the sweetness that is prevalent. So far, it has been a great dark roast coffee for people to enjoy.

Also, a new, but not really new coffee from Bolivia. I’ve had a Bolivian coffee previously (but it’s been a couple of years) that was fantastic. Chocolate tones, with a hint of molasses. Smooth and rich, heavy on the tongue. Just a great coffee. So I was really looking forward to bringing it in again. This coffee does not disappoint. Same great profile with even more chocolate tones to it. (Of course everyone has different taste buds, but that’s what I get when I drink it)

And finally, one that is actually new for me. A coffee from Burundi. I’ve been patiently waiting for this to arrive as supply seems to be quite limited. I’m a huge fan of African coffees. Each are distinctive in their own way. But the one thing I enjoy the most is their dark fruit and chocolate tones. And they are so smooth. So this was another that I was really looking forward to. Surprisingly, it does not have the same chocolate and dark fruit tones I was expecting. The smoothness, yes. But definitely a more muted, soft chocolate hint to it. A wonderful, mellow, easy drinking coffee that I have discovered pulls some incredible espresso shots for an americano at home.  This doesn’t surprise me as all of my other coffees from Africa also pull great espresso shots for me at home.

I have also discontinued some of my other coffees either due to slow sales, lack of supply, or high prices. Peru, Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica (eventually) will no longer be available.  Sadly, I have had to increase all prices to $16 per pound due to the current state of the Canadian dollar next to our American counterpart. It’s been over 2 years since my last increase. And if you price it out, brewing a 12 cup pot, using 2 oz of coffee each time, that’s 8 pots for a total of 96 cups. (Depending on your mug size) That’s roughly $0.17 per cup if your brewing at home.  Even if you use a larger mug, it’s still less than $0.40 a cup which is a great price for fresh roasted and delivered coffee.

Attached below is my current list of coffees that are on offer. There is also contact information to reach me to place an order.

Oh, and don’t forget, the Farmers Market season is fast approaching. It all starts May 14, so mark your calendars.

February 2016


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