Light Reading

As a young kid growing up, I loved to read. If there was a book around, I’d read it. I was on a first name basis with all the school librarians. (well, close anyway, they were all family friends) One of the words I learned from reading is voracious, and that’s the kind of reader I was. Thankfully, that has carried on in my kids. I can’t count the number of times my girls have read the  entire Harry Potter series. And my son grew up reading the Redwall books, and every now and then I see him back in them.

As a middle age adult, I still enjoy reading. A lot. However, life phases change, so free time to read isn’t always available while kids are growing up, being driven around, and life is happening. So, as we (my wife and I) move into a new phase of life, one with independent kids, I am finding a bit more time to read. And most of the books on my coffee table nowadays are about, surprise, coffee. There are also a couple of Star Wars books thrown in there, but they are more for entertainment reading because I still love the story.

The coffee books I currently own are a great mix of educational and story telling type books. There is so much information out there about coffee that it’s hard to imagine a limit to the number of books I could read. One of my recent favorites is by Longberry Publishing. Aptly titled “Longberry” It has some education, but more to my liking, some fantastic writing about coffee, the coffee world, coffee people, growers, families, and other great reads. I missed out on the hard cover of Issue 1, but have in my possession now, Issue 2, pictured below. I imagine there will be more issues coming to my door, even though it is published in the UK. One of the editors is a long time coffee man James Hoffman. The selections are great, fun, and educational. One of the chapters is called Plant Sentence – Coffee has survival strategies. It gets into the science of the coffee plant and how it has changed and evolved through the years. Fun to dig into.

A second book I just started is called “Caffeinated – How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts, and Hooks Us” by Murray Carpenter. He is also a long time coffee guy and a scientist, so this is definitely a book for learning. And the writing is great as well. I’m really looking forward to this one.

I am fortunate to be able to find so much great writing on the subject of coffee. I encourage anyone who enjoys reading for fun to find any coffee book and give it a look. It will have great stories, and you’ll be able to learn something as well.


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