Colombia and coffee

On my trip to Colombia in October, I had the privilege of meeting some great coffee farming families. And not just the husband and wife who were the primary managers and operators, but the entire family. Grandparents, kids, brother, sisters. Everyone was involved. One farm even had twin girls who were a key part of the operation. This hit home with me as a father of twin girls.wp-image-1351093156jpg.jpg

Each of the farms was unique. Yet one thing was common among all of them. A pride in their product. We had the opportunity to walk through their coffee fields to view the cherries on the plants. What an experience. To be able to sample a coffee cherry, hand picked by me, and taste the fruit of their labor is something I won’t forget. Those sweet ripe cherries were incredible. And as we toured their homes and work areas, you got a sense of the pride they have in everything they do. Equipment meticulously clean and well maintained. Floors and buildings spotless. It was an incredible experience I can’t wait to do again.

I will be carrying some of the coffees that these wonderful people produce. It is a unique privilege to be able to say, I’ve been to that farm and met the families who have produced this fantastic coffee. Below are some pictures from some of the farms we visited. Each one unique and wonderful, producing some of the worlds best coffee.