Monday Morning Coffee

Ah Monday morning. It signals the end of the weekend, and a new work week. Likely, it also means starting your day considerably earlier than the last two mornings. But there’s a remedy for that, and many of us look forward to our first cup of coffee early Monday morning. So, what better time to write about coffee. You need it. I have it and can tell you a little about it. So, it’s a perfect blend to get your day brewing.

At my house right now, we are enjoying some freshly roasted coffee that I brought back from my trip in August to Africa. We were fortunate to connect (or reconnect) with our friends at Munali coffee. It’s a family owned operation, now run by Jesper Lublinkoff, who took over operations from his father a few years ago. It’s been a long haul for them, but being back at the farm brought back many memories from my first trip to Zambia and visiting the farm. I was able to bring back two different batches of their wonderful coffee, and roasted the first one this weekend. It was a Peaberry from their farm, and it is fantastic. A perfect start to the weekend. One of the best parts is the amazing full body that it carries in the cup. We pulled some shots for latte’s and americanos here at the house, and they were tremendous. Even my son who has developed a discerning palate for coffee, enjoyed his americano enough to let me know how good it was. Sadly, it’s a very limited supply (one roast of 4 lbs) that our family will be enjoying over the weeks ahead. There are some pictures from our trip, and trips past to give you an idea of the farm and the family who run it.

I will be talking about some other new arrivals in the weeks ahead that will be available to order. So keep an eye out, and tell your friends about my blog. Hopefully, I’ll be more diligent in putting out content to keep you in the coffee loop, and provide some information to help you on your coffee journey.

Time for a new look

The time had come. After 10+ years with the old logo, it was time for a refresh. And what a refresh it is. Below is the link to our new look brochure. You’ll notice (or maybe you won’t) that it is definitely coffee related. But, if you look closely, you’ll also notice how one of my other favorite things has been incorporated into the look. See if you can figure it out. For those who know me, it’ll be easy. If you don’t know about one of my other passions beside coffee, I think you’ll soon understand.

Bean There Logo Photo Texture Black

Oct 2017 Order Brochure