Monday morning coffee (on Tuesday)

Yes, it’s Tuesday afternoon, so this post is a bit late. I was waiting for information on my latest coffee order to see how things would come together. So now that I have it, I can send out this update. I wish it was all good news…

First, the good news. With this order of coffee (11 bags – over 1500 lbs) that I’m picking up tomorrow, we are in for a full restock. I’ve been out of my coffee from Uganda for a while, but it will be available again tomorrow. As well, a restock of our coffee from Brazil. And a new addition. I’ve ordered a bag of coffee from Honduras for this go round. I’ve never carried one from there, so am looking forward to seeing how it is. I usually bring in something new in preparation for the Farmers Market season, so that’s the one for this year.

As well, I’ll be picking up a new bag of Colombia Santander which is a blend of beans from two of the farms I visited on my trip to Colombia in 2016. One of the farms that we visited had twin daughters, like me, so supporting them has been a priority. And I also learned that both girls have been able to go to University this year as a result of the work their families have done to grow their farms. A first for the family. I’ll also have a special bag of Colombia from Los Mandarinos farm, called Don Carlos Passion. I’ll be offering it on occasion as it will be a limited supply.


Mark your calendars as well. The May long weekend is the start of the Farmers Market season, and I’ll be able to attend this year. The first market is always a fun one.

Now, the not so good news. As a result of increased prices coming off the farms, transport costs, and the current exchange between the Canadian and US dollars, I unfortunately will be taking a price increase across all our coffees. Prices haven’t changed in over 2 years, and so this is one of those increases that is necessary to continue to provide fresh roasted and delivered coffee to all my customers. One pound bags will be going up to $17, and half pounds $9. Subscription prices will also reflect this increase.

So, it’s an exciting time. New coffees, new season, and likely another exciting announcement about a new opportunity to sell my coffee at another event. But that will be for another time.

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