Long first day

As our first day of travel to Colombia began at 12:30 am, who knew we would be traveling for almost 24 hours to get to Bogota. The first leg to Houston was uneventful but a number of delays set us back over 2 hours from our original schedule. We finally departed Houston around 7 pm and arrived in Bogota at 11:15 pm. We cleared customs and immigration without incident, and after a 20 minute cab ride arrived at the Celebrity Suites hotel for our very short sleep. It was almost 1:30 before we got to bed, with a 6 am alarm set as we had an early breakfast meeting planned with two very important Colombia Coffee Federation gentlemen. Our hotel suite was huge, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and giant seating area, large kitchen and laundry area. Ironic we would only be sleeping for 4 and a half hours and then be gone all morning before checking out. Such is the life of the traveler. We arrived safe, and were looking forward to the beginning of our adventure.

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