Return to Finca El Silencio

Our 4th day saw us returning to the farm to finish what we had started. Our coffee beans had been moved into the second tank for their final washings, after which they were loaded into baskets to be taken to the drying beds to dry.

I was able to be part of the process as the beans need to be moved around the tank to help break down the mucilage that is still stuck to them, and to help remove any beans that aren’t ripe. In the picture above, everything floating on the surface will be skimmed off and sold as a lower grade coffee locally. Below the surface are the beans ready to be drained and washed again before being put out to dry. We then carried the washed coffees over to the drying beds where they will be left for the next 3 days to dry before being packaged to be taken to the mill to have the parchment removed, the beans graded and prepared for export. It was a great experience to be able to see the entire process.

Laura took us on a late morning hike up one of the hills that they grow their coffee on. We enjoyed a small picnic with local fruit, guava chips, and a tutti frutti type drink with juice and fresh fruit cut up in it. Very refreshing. It was a fantastic way to end our time at the farm.

We then returned to our house for another fantastic local meal, and then had the afternoon to relax before we hit the road tomorrow for 5 days of travel and farm visits. It will be a busy 5 days, so the down time was very welcome.

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