Finca Brazil

Our second farm visit took us up into the mountains on a typical Colombian mountain road (in some places more of a trail.) After a 30 minute climb, we arrived at Finca Brazil, a farm with 2 hectares of coffee planted on the farm. Fabio and his family have done a fantastic job creating a thriving coffee farm. And this is their retirement project. We were able to walk through the trees and could see that the branches were loaded with cherries. As we toured the other facilities, it was obvious that Fabio was working closely with the FNC as a number of advances to conserve and filter the water from the processing were being implemented.



We then cupped one of their coffee’s that were roasted differently. The lady who does their roasting was there and was able to tell us about the coffee and help work through the process. And then of course, lunch. Another fantastic traditional lunch, with soup, the main course, and fresh fruit for desert. We then departed for San Gil where we would be staying for 3 nights as we visited other farms.




The views were pretty good from the farm as well.





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