Los Mandarinos

One of our last farm visits was to another farm I had the privilege of seeing on my first trip to Colombia. Los Mandarinos. Yes, the name actually refers to oranges, which they also grow in large volumes. And they are delicious. More importantly, they produce fantastic coffee in micro lots that people can enjoy. Their signature Los Mandarinos is the bulk of the coffee that comes from the farm. However, this year, I was able to get my hands on a small batch called Don Alfonso’s Passion. This is a meticulously picked and sorted coffee available in very small lots only. It is a wonderful rich coffee that is the result of the detailed process of picking and processing. Once again, we were treated to a wonderful meal, and then had a chance to tour the farm and see the coffee plants and mandarino trees starting to produce oranges.


There was also a lot of coffee out on the patio drying, which of course requires regular raking to help it dry quickly and evenly. A little free help never goes unappreciated.


While walking among the coffee trees, we came upon this giant, which is pretty unusual to see. It was still producing well, so they have decided to let it continue to grow. It is at least 5 feet taller than I am.


Another great visit with friends in Colombia. From the farm, we headed to a little tourist town called Barichara to walk around and take in the sights and scenery. It’s located on the top of a mountain range, so the views were quite spectacular. We headed back to our hotel for supper as we had another busy day planned to start early in the morning.



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