Our next morning saw us departing early for a return trip to Bucharamanga and a visit to the FNC office there. We would be doing one final cupping at their main cupping room, which again, is usually limited to their staff only. Having some connections definitely helps open doors. We also had made arrangements to meet Monica and Veronica, the Wanderugga twins I had met on my previous visit. Both girls are attending University to pursue different degrees, which will be a first for the family. Part of the reason they can attend University is the commitment that Single Origin Coffee has made to the family to purchase the entire lot of their coffee each year. Direct purchasing like this makes much more economic sense to both the buyer and the farmer, but more so to the farmer, as they are being paid more for their top quality coffees. Of course it was also an opportunity for one of my kids to meet these two young ladies.


Cupping coffees here is always a treat. We get to meet many of the top cuppers in the FNC who are responsible for grading each coffee that comes through. While there, we also met a group of young coffee farmers who were attending “Coffee Boot Camp” being put on by the FNC.  They were being shown the in’s and out’s of coffee farming, and happened to be in the office the day we were there. This group of young farmers is the future of coffee in Colombia so it was great to be able to talk with them a little.


At the far left of this picture is Jorge, our FNC Yellow Shirt guide. He travels with us to almost every farm,  and is a valuable resource to have with us.

We said goodbye to our FNC and family friends here, and traveled to the airport to fly back to Bogota for our last couple of days. We went out for a very special dinner with Carlos and some of his old friends who still live in Colombia before returning to our hotel for the night. Our final day would be spend sightseeing Bogota before departing on the red eye for home.