Bean There Roasting – a new adventure begins

One of the ideas I have tossed around for quite some time was blogging. However, I was never sure how it would look for the business. Thankfully my wife began blogging, and found me the Blogging 101 course to get started. So here it goes.

My name is Brian and I am the owner of Bean There Roasting, a small home based custom coffee roasting and delivery business. Basically what I do is roast coffee fresh to order for my customers, then deliver it to their door. Just like your morning newspaper. Just not so early and with a larger caffeine content.

Why blog? One of the main reasons will be to help promote my business. We are approaching our 10th anniversary (tomorrow) and it was time to do it. Another key reason is there is so much information and reading on coffee these days that it’s hard to narrow it down. I’m going to use the blog to help provide relevant coffee reads to help people know and understand their morning brew better. Blogs also help provide a forum to ask questions and have good discussions about just about anything. In this case, mostly coffee. Although, being from a small city, I’m also known as a dad, and a husband, a basketball referee, and other titles. Not just ‘the coffee guy.’ So you might see something from those aspects of life as well. But mostly coffee. I’m hoping to incorporate pictures and maybe some video as well. My teenage kids will be valuable assets for those technological aspects.

I’m looking forward to this course to spur me on to making this blog happen and to learn how to better utilize my blog to promote the business. So far, seems to be going well. But I might need another coffee before I start our anniversary and history blog to send out tomorrow.