They’ve arrived!! Colombian originals

Last October I had the chance to return to Colombia to do a tour of coffee farms that could become potential suppliers, and to visit farms that are already suppliers that I had previously visited. Two of the coffees from that visit have now arrived in Canada and are available for people to enjoy. Both of the coffees are from previously visited farms who are already suppliers to Single Origin Coffee who I purchase from in Calgary.

The first arrival is a Rainforest Alliance Santander that I have carried for a number of years. Two years ago on my first visit, I had a chance to meet the Wandurraga’s, a family of siblings that are running a large farming operation in Colombia. Santander is a prominent department (think province) in Colombia and the Wandurraga’s are producing an exceptional coffee. One of the connections for me personally was the twin girls who we met as I am also a dad of twin girls. On my first trip,the  girls were getting ready to graduate and were making plans to attend university.  Direct purchasing from the farm provides a better price for the coffee, which allowed the family to send the girls away to school. The quality of the coffee is exceptional as well, and it as become one of my favorites on my list. Single Origin Coffee purchases the entire crop, which was 325 bags this harvest year.

20190320_151236  20181010_093847

The second coffee is also from a farm that I visited on my previous trip. Los Mandarinos is another family farm that produces very high quality micro lots of coffee. Luis Alfonso Rangel and his family take special pride in the coffees they produce. This coffee, Don Alfonso’s Passion, is a special micro lot. This coffee is selected as the best of the harvest from the farm. It is meticulously picked and processed to produce an exceptional cup. Only 21 bags of this wonderful coffee are available, and to a select group of roasters through Single Origin Coffee. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this wonderful micro lot coffee to my customers.

20190323_113202     20181011_134153